Looking back to all of these articles listed above, we clearly know that NIKE is not following their code of conduct.  

1.       Child Labour – Nike has been exploiting innocent children for their own personal goods. They have said that they will not employ children under 15, but in reality, they have been using them and making them work in a horrible environment.

2.       Working hours and conditions – The Company has mentioned that they will take care of the workers and pay them the right amount of money that they have worked for. But, Nike has been lying again. 3000 Chinese workers went on a strike because they didn’t receive their monthly wages, and because of their terrible working conditions. Nike is trying to make the conditions better but they have not mentioned about the change in wages. Workers need higher wages because the living costs have gone up.

3.       Abuse – Nike is supposed to support the workers, physically and mentally. Unfortunately, some factories force their workers to work overtime and the managers of factories are abusing workers. 30% of the workers have been bullied or sexually molested. In 100 people, 30 people are forced into sexual relationships. Is this fair?

This all goes back to the point that Nike is exploiting workers in SWEATSHOPS. “Hard and dangerous work, filthy environment, minimum wage and abuse.”  Is this specified on Nike’s code of conduct? NO. They have been covering up the truth and making public view the “good/clean” side. We shouldn’t support Nike unless they “make the difference”, a difference for all the workers whose lives are being destroyed.